Love Shack

Don't you just love that 'Love Shack' song from the B-52's! You can't help but get up off your butt and dance. It's what I thought of when I saw this little image of a house with a heart on it. It should be called Love Shack. The filename for the image is 'mro-digi-home' from Whimsy And Stars. The card is for the CDAC Progressive challenge 11. I found the sheet music on the Internet, and realized that says it all!


  1. Wonderful card, I love that song and bought the single when I was on a school trip i England! =)
    Hugs, Elenr

  2. Sandi,

    This card came out really nice. I think the sheet music in the background looks great!

    your sister
    Pattie ♥

  3. Great card Sandi, love the sheet music - its perfect for this image. :)

  4. I love the way you have portrayed this image and the "Love Shack" music is a great idea.
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx

  5. Great card Sandi, the music sheet was inspired!

  6. Your coloring is always so pretty. Your background music does say it all.


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